Reuse, revive and recycle

Recuprenda is committed to reuse, revive and recycle. Our innovative company collects the unsold clothes and footwear in order to revive and recycle them. Recuprenda’s work is based on a transparent and efficient model of the textile waste treatment according to the circular economy standards.

Recuprenda is aligned to the European Union’s mission to establish the circular economy in the textile sector by collaboration. In this sense, Recuprenda collaborates with important international brands, institutions and projects linked to the commitment of textile recycling such as EcoTLC, DEMETO, I: Collect, InCycle Inc and AIR, among others.

The main goal for Recuprenda is to reuse, revive and recycle in order to complete the life cycle of the clothes and make possible they to be recycled in a professional way. To do so, Recuprenda has a diverse network and partnership of the most innovative textile waste processors in order to recycle the garments and generate new feedstock.